Friday, March 9, 2007

funnie friday...

went to visit wesley. thinking: wouldn't it be nice to visit eddie? <<>danny, coz he's so evil to me. >> but neehows. went to welsey. wahahaaaaa. i drowned in purple -_-" eddie's frends.. interesting bunch. didn't seem too interested in meeting me though so meh. so bleuh. b l e u h . . . mm then they w a g g ed . wahaha. sorrie.><>eddie? sighz* wahaha then danny got fascinated by a banana peel. danny's weird. haha

mm went o the glen and was walking towards dj (david jones) and saw the back of androO wahaha mah eyesight is so h a r d c o r e lolz. and then we played poOl omg..>< color="#3366ff">stoOpid piggie. stoOpid androO had to sink the black A N D the white ball. g e n i o u s. wahaha we're gonna have rematch woOp. ready to win. muahaha.

then afterwards had t u i t i o n .><><>jack was going: okai amy, if you get this question wrong, i'll take you to a lesbian club, bc I'm bi... and funnie that coz i didn't know the answer. wahahaha funnie. stoOpid people... mmm fell asleep in janice's car on the way home . . . omgg she wanted to prank james. crazy mofo.

mm arrived home and then talked on msn but i was soo hungry. like unnaturally hungry. << hungrier than usual >> if u laughed while u read that, will smash u . . . mmm and then yeah . i was spastic. made funnie sounds around the house. like firetruck sounds. my mum wasn't very worried about that though . . . mm then i accidentally scratched flora a tiny bit.. i'm sorry flora aaaaaargh lol she's gonna kill me. -.-" T,T i'm too young to die...

aniways ... then went to sleep. hehe fun day . tiring, but fun.

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